Fresh Arts and HAA are teaming up to raise funds for the artists suffering tremendous losses due to the fire at Winter Street Studios on 12/20. This emergency relief funding will help people whose personal lives and livelihoods have been damaged or destroyed by the fire.

Key facts about the fund itself, the funds distributed, and who should apply follow.

  • The purpose of the relief fund is to help artists recover their professional tools, ensure personal safety and health at a time of sudden and tragic loss, and help with other losses that are critical to applicants' arts income. The goals of the fund are to help as many people as possible to secure basic life needs and to help them recover their professional practice and income.
  • At this time, the funds’ focus is on individuals whose personal security and livelihoods have been compromised. The fund is not supporting organizations right now. The following individuals are eligible:
  • Individuals are eligible; organizations and companies are not
  • Individuals must complete a Vendor Registration packet.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Applicants must have an active lease at Winter Street Studios or have other demonstrable professional connection to building and professional loss due the fire.
  • Applicants must be artists or art workers, such as employees of the studios or galleries
  • The application is intended to be as straightforward as possible while collecting information necessary to distribute funds where they are needed. Please do not feel pressure to create lengthy responses. Simply share what you feel is necessary to describe the loss and need you are experiencing.
  • The online application is accessible below. Once submitted, staff will review applications to ensure they are complete and that the applicant has a professional connection with Winter Street Studios. Funds are provided based on need, economic and social vulnerability, and are adjudicated in waves (such as the first 20 applications) through a panel of arts community members that are not HAA board, staff, or family of board or staff. Priority is given to those with the greatest need, greatest damage and greatest economic and social vulnerability.
  • A speedy distribution of funds is critical to our success helping artists and arts workers to recover from losses caused by the Winter Street Fire.
  • Each individual receiving $600 or more will receive a 1099 tax document because it is required by federal tax law.
  • HAA will work diligently to solicit funds to then provide them to applicants. Funding that is distributed is dependent on the amount of funds available. Because we anticipate a high volume of requests, awards may be less than the amount requested or needed. HAA is operating this fund at a net loss, keeping 5% of donations for the cost of operating the fund, by donating staff and other resources based upon our communities' greatest needs.
  • The process of reviewing submissions, and approving awards is ongoing. If you do not hear back right away, please know we are still working to raise funds to offer you support and to review applications, which is done by an external panel of arts community members.
  • Everyone is encouraged to file claims with their insurance.
  • After completing this application, please contact our Disaster Services Coordinator at to access the Vendor Packet.
  • For questions or assistance, please contact HAA here.
  • Donate to secure the basic needs of the members of our arts community. 
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.