Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) is the local nonprofit arts and culture agency that enhances the city’s quality of life through advancing and investing in the arts and diverse cultural programming. The work of HAA encourages Houston’s development and shapes its global reputation by fostering tourism and supporting and promoting the city’s creative economy.

HAA distributes grants to approximately 220 nonprofit arts organizations and individual artists each year. In addition, HAA manages the City of Houston Art Collection of over 500 artworks, as well as commissions, new acquisitions and conservation.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS  Houston Arts Alliance: Conservation Services for Works of Art in the City of Houston Art Collection

Deadline: Friday, June 15, 2018, 11:59 PM (CST)

Budget: To be determined

Location: Houston, TX 

Eligibility: Professional Conservators in the Houston Area

1. Summary 

Through a contract with the City of Houston General Services Department (GSD), Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) is charged with contracting conservators to care for works of art in the City of Houston Art Collection. Professional conservators are invited to submit proposals for conservation services for the following works:

Buffalo Bayou Park

Burnett Bayland Park

Heights Boulevard Park

Hermann Park

Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) Headquarters

River Oaks Park 

Sam Houston Park 

Sesquicentennial Park 

2. Budget 

The budget for the conservation of each work will be determined by the proposed cost. The contract will be inclusive of all work including, but not limited to, conservators fees, moving of artwork, permitting, insurance costs for the duration of the project, studio and project administration, travel, fabrication, materials, installation, and all required documentation.

3. Evaluation Criteria

  • Quality of Past Work: Conservators are of the highest caliber as demonstrated by examples of past work. Past work demonstrates the skills needed to conserve works in multiple materials.
  • Responsiveness: Proposals successfully address the overall goals of the project to return each artwork to optimal condition.
  • Demonstrated Technical Abilities: Applicants demonstrate that they have the necessary capability to accomplish all technical and material aspects of the project. 
  • Project Management Ability: Conservators clearly and concretely demonstrate that they have the ability and the capacity to complete projects on a determined schedule. Conservators demonstrate their experience with projects of a similar budget size, including the ability to successfully manage a contract.

4. Eligibility

  • Conservators in the Greater Houston area are eligible.
  • Conservators must meet certain insurance requirements in order to perform work on the listed artworks, as they are located on City of Houston property. For a copy of the insurance requirements, click here.

5. Application Requirements 

  1. Conservator resume, no more than three pages.
  2. Conservation proposal that includes conservator contact information, a short condition report for each artwork, recommended conservation steps, a conservation cost per object, and a project timeline per object. Include other project requirements such as access to power and water as needed. If conservation is not immediately required, please include the ideal date to plan for the conservation.
  3. List of successful past conservation projects, including client name; artwork title, creation date, location, and media; and the conservation date and total project budget. No more than two pages.
  4. Contact information for three professional references, no more than one page.
  5. A completed W-9 form (This can be downloaded at www.irs.gov).

All documents should be in at least a 12 point font, single-spaced, with at least a ½” margin

6. Submission

To submit, visit https://houstonartsalliance.submittable.com/submit.

7. Contact

Alex Irrera, Civic Art + Design Collection Coordinator

Houston Arts Alliance 3201 Allen Parkway, Suite 250 

Houston, TX 77019 



If you have questions, please submit them in writing via email no later than Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 5:00 PM (CST) to alex@haatx.com. Questions will be answered as they are received.

Let Creativity Happen! Express Grant Guidelines

Express grants are designed to encourage artists and creative individuals to take creative risks that may not qualify for more traditional funding opportunities. Awards will support innovative ideas that redefine artistic boundaries, reshape the conversation about art and art experiences, and/or establish unique opportunities to experience art. Funding for this program is provided from the City of Houston Hotel Occupancy Tax.

Before you begin, you can fill out your project budget to upload from the Budget Template: http://houstonartsalliance.com/images/uploads/audio/HAA_Budget_Template.xlsx

To check your City Council District: http://www.houstontx.gov/council/whoismycm.html

For more information on Support Material Guide: http://houstonartsalliance.com/images/uploads/main/Artistic_Support_Materials_Guide_FINAL.pdf

If you have any issues contact Caroline Docwra, cdocwra@haatx.com.

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS: Indoor Mural Commission in Sugar Land, TX for The Kroger Co. 

Houston Arts Alliance on behalf of The Kroger Co.

Deadline: Sunday, June 3, 11:59 p.m. (CST)

Artist Commission: $9,000

Eligibility: Open to all artists in the Greater Houston area. Priority is given to artists with a connection to the community in which the store resides.

Entry Fee: Free

Project Location: Kroger Store #131 at University Blvd and LJ Parkway, Sugar Land, TX 77459

1. Summary

Houston Arts Alliance (HAA), on behalf of The Kroger Company (Client), seeks local artists interested in creating a large-scale indoor mural. The commissioned artwork will have high visibility and be prominently displayed within the Kroger store. The mural will use local references to evoke a creative, uplifting feeling that 1) encourages community and 2) celebrates the spirit of the neighborhood. There is no application fee to enter. Three (3) finalists will be chosen to submit a mural proposal based on an assessment of their work examples and their connection to the community in which the store resides. All finalists will receive a $300 stipend for submitting a proposal. One of the finalists submitting a proposal (Artist) will be chosen to create an artwork for the store location. Payment to the selected Artist is $9,000.

The Kroger family of stores is excited to give local artists the opportunity to lend their talents in creating an uplifting store experience. The objective is to create a space that encourages community gathering and celebrates the spirit of the neighborhood. This year, their goal is to have an interior mural completed—by a local artist—within 12 of their new stores across the country. Additionally, Kroger hopes to continue this project, in their new stores, for many years to come. Kroger’s philanthropic goals include hunger/food insecurity; education; women’s and children’s health; service to military families; diversity; and the environment.


We aspire to offer an outstanding shopping experience that is Fresh and Friendly, while promoting Hospitality, Value, Convenience, and Simplicity. These are the fundamental building blocks that we hope will inspire our customers to feel Proud, Rewarded, Appreciated, and Confident, and to know they are cared for.


Kroger values honesty, diversity, inclusion, integrity, respect, and safety. The company aspires to create a safe store environment that is uplifting, welcoming and friendly, and conveys a sense of connectedness to the communities within which we operate. We base every business decision on what we believe is best for our customers and our store associates.

2. Budget

From this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), up to three (3) finalists will be chosen per store. Each finalist will be paid $300 to develop a mural design. The commission for final artwork is $9,000 (inclusive of all materials, delivery, and the panels on which the mural will be painted).

3. Scope of Work

The artwork shall be safe, durable, and of appropriate imagery for view by the public realm. The mural will be created off-site and on a non-warping substrate, in consultation with the Client and HAA. The selected artist will be expected to receive feedback from the Client on their design and integrate that feedback where necessary. Installation will be performed by a company contracted by Kroger. Dimensions for the mural are 15’W x 5’H.

4. Evaluation Criteria

  • Artistic quality: Artists or artist-led teams of the highest artistic caliber, as demonstrated by examples of past work
  • Responsiveness: Letter of intent, proposal images, and final work successfully address the overall goals of the project as well as the core values of the Client—including incorporating references to the area’s history or culture—engaging and inspiring the community
  • Project management ability: Applicant(s) demonstrate that the Artist or Artist-led team has the necessary capability to accomplish the project, and to create and deliver the work on schedule
  • Durability: Use durable materials that require minimum maintenance. The final work will be resistant to vandalism

5. Eligibility

  • Artists living and working within the Greater Houston area are eligible, with a preference for artists who live in the area around the store location.  
  • Staff, board, advisory board, committee, and immediate family members of HAA or The Kroger Company are ineligible.
  • Applicants not meeting all eligibility criteria will be withdrawn from consideration.

6. Application Requirements

  1. Resume, no more than three pages.
  2. Letter of Intent, to include contact information, personal connection to the adjacent community (if any), and a description of how the Artist intends to meet the criteria listed above (1,500 words maximum).
  3. Work Examples: Up to ten (10) samples of previous work. Only JPEGs up to 5 MB in size will be accepted.
  4. Image List for all Work Examples, to include Artist name(s), title, date completed (as applicable), dimensions, and material/medium.

All documents should be in (at least) 12-point font, single-spaced, with a minimum ½” margin. If selected, Artist(s) will be required to sign agreements for the project with Kroger and HAA, and to follow project guidelines. A sample agreement is available by request. Selected Artist(s) will be required to provide sample designs for up to two (2) artwork options for final selection and approval.

7. Submission

To submit, visit https://houstonartsalliance.submittable.com/submit.

8. Timeline

  • Thursday, May 31, 2018, noon (CST): Deadline for questions 
  • Sunday, June 3, 2018, 11:59 p.m. (CST): RFQ deadline
  • Wednesday, June 6, 2018: Notification of the three finalists
  • By Friday, June 8, 2018: RFP issued 
  • Thursday, June 28, 2018: Finalist proposals due
  • Friday, June 29, 2018: Artist notification
  • By Friday July 8, 2018: Contracting with Artist is complete; Artist and Client meet to review artwork and discuss feedback
  • By Friday, July 15, 2018: Revised design due; Artist updated bio and artist statement due
  • July 16 – September 5, 2018: Off-site creation of the mural
  • By Wednesday, September 5, 2018: Artwork is delivered to Sugar Land Kroger Store # 131 for installation
  • Early September 2018: Opening Celebration for the Sugar Land Kroger Store # 131

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is subject to change. 

Any questions pertaining to this RFQ should be submitted in writing—via email—no later than 12 p.m. (CST), Thursday, May 31, 2018 to civicart@haatx.com. Required subject line: “Kroger Mural RFQ 2018.”

1. Summary
Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) and the City of Houston (The City) support the community’s desire to place temporary works of art on City property. Each City Department has discretion over temporary art within its jurisdiction and sole responsibility to review matters of safety. At the request of the City Department, HAA will serve in an advisory capacity during the review process and recommend pieces for placement on their property. For projects proposed in the TXDot right-of-way, please email civicart@haatx.com for their additional guidelines.

The City may permit temporary placement of a work of art on City property for a period of time not to exceed 90 days, subject to the approval of the Director of the City Department having jurisdiction over the site upon which the work of art will be placed. The Director may extend the temporary placement for two consecutive periods of time not to exceed 90 days each, for a total of 270 days.

If the department determines that there is a safety issue, the organization or individual proposing the exhibition will be required to have an engineer’s seal. Drawings with an engineer’s seal will be required for artwork consisting of vertical structures over eight feet, surfaces subject to displacement by wind, structures requiring a foundation, sharp surfaces or any other safety concern. These drawings can be submitted to HAA for review after the project has been approved.

The cost of the installation and de-installation of the artwork will be paid by the applicant. The artist or proposing organization is responsible for maintenance and for any damage to the artwork during the time the artwork is on view. The applicant may also be required to pay a bond conditioned on the timely removal of the artwork.

Please note that this application is for outdoor works only. Should you like to propose a temporary display of work inside a City building, please contact the relevant City department directly.

2. Application Requirements

  1. Proposal letter (three-page maximum) including the following:
    • Contact information from the proposing artist or organization;
    • Artwork description including: title and year completed, artist name, artwork medium/material, dimensions and weight. For video, performance and time-based media, artwork duration is also requested;
    • Specific location(s) of proposed installation;
    • Installation plan - specify materials, equipment and utilities to be used;
    • Site maintenance plan - specify schedule and method of upkeep;
    • A detailed timetable covering placement and removal of the artwork and a clear commitment for its timely removal and plan to return site to original condition.
  2. Photographic Documentation of the artwork, showing all views. For new works, please include detailed drawings or renderings; Up to 10 images.
  3. Artist C.V. or Resume; up to three pages;
  4. Drawings with an engineer’s seal will be required for artwork consisting of vertical structures over eight feet, surfaces subject to displacement by wind, structures requiring a foundation, sharp surfaces or any other safety concern.

All text documents should be in at least a 12 point font, single-spaced, with at least a ½” margin as Microsoft Word Documents (.doc) or Adobe PDF (.pdf). Images must be in Jpeg format. All files must be readable using Microsoft Windows.

3. Application Submission
To complete the application form and submit your application requirements, please visit: https://houstonartsalliance.submittable.com/submit

4. Submission Schedule
Application Due: Monthly, approximately 2 weeks before an HAA Civic Art Committee (CAC) meeting
Committee Review: Monthly
Notification of Review Results: Monthly

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 11:59 PM CST
  • Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 11:59 PM CST
  • Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 11:59 PM CST
  • Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM CST

*Please note that CAC meeting dates are subject to change.

5. Review Process

  1. Submit a temporary art proposal to HAA using the Submittable application.
  2. Proposals will be reviewed by the HAA Civic Art Committee during their bi-monthly meeting. HAA will perform an aesthetic, content and material review of the proposal for the affected city department.
  3. Proposals which pass the review will be recommended to the affected City Department or to TXDot for installation.
  4. If the proposal is accepted by the affected City Department, a release from the artist or sponsoring organization on a form approved by the City Attorney will be required before installation can begin. If the Director of the affected City Department determines it advisable and requires it, a bond not to exceed $2,000.00 conditioned on the timely removal of the object shall be posted by the applicant.
  5. The affected City Department can issue a permit to install and display the artwork for a period of 90 days, at its own discretion.
  6. The artist or proposing organization will remove the artwork after 90 days and will return the site to its original condition.

PLEASE NOTE: HAA approval DOES NOT guarantee approval by the City department. The affected City department has final discretion over temporary art in their jurisdiction.

For questions or more information regarding the Application for Temporary Placement of Art on City Property, please contact civicart@haatx.com.